About Us

Pickles for us Indians is kind of sacred because it takes us back to our childhood when our grandmothers would make them for us on the terrace during summer vacations and we’d fly kites, run around and play with our grandparents. This makes it obvious that we have an emotional attachment with pickles.

To preserve this sense of nostalgia and fondness, we have come up with our range of pickles “OPICKLES” which is entirely homemade with the love of a mother. We have been in local business for around 25 years, when there existed only home-made pickles and it was simply pure. We realised that buying machine-made packed pickles, which lacked the classic taste of it, was somehow making us lose the memory and feel of those childhood days and hence we decided to crash the online platforms, we branded our products and brought them into the world of online shopping. So now we are available to you all with just the feel that your ‘machine-made’ pickles were missing.

We bring to our consumers unique taste after a soulful research of flavours. Our main motto was to keep it 100% natural without the use of any artificial chemicals. Our system is entirely transparent, so you know what is being served to you.

Our pickle making techniques are the same old techniques used for centuries. It involves the use of freshly picked fruits and vegetables bought from local farm vendors which are then washed manually several times, after which they are sliced and dried well in clean and dry areas under sunlight on the terrace in a completely dust free zone. The difference between our and the other products in the market is the fact that we avoid the use of any sort of chemicals, processed spices or artificial flavouring. Our pickles contain spices ground at home by the very makers of the pickles directly from raw materials hand picked by them, hence confirming its purity.

Our main purpose is to serve you with the home-like delicacy of pickles without compromising the hygiene of the procedure or packaging. Also the purity of our product is not compromised under any circumstances. We provide a closer look to our entire process of making pickles through the pictures on the website. We know that different people have different choices and so keeping in mind the choice of every Indian we have organised ourselves to provide a wide range of flavours and types to choose from.

For your convenience we’ve created unparalleled communication methods. You can directly contact us through our website or mail us in our email id [email protected] . Buy our products on any major online shopping platform. Your feedback is important for our enlightenment and improvement so please visit [email protected] to register your feedbacks so that we can work better. We’re here to serve you and your needs for world class pickles.